August 4, 2022

What is The Duration Period of Panchakarma Treatment?

What is The Duration Period of Panchakarma Treatment?

Historically originated in ancient India, Panchkarma is an Ayurvedic treatment (having a logical foundation) that establishes a balance and synchronization between mind, body and soul. Panchkarma is derived from two words in the Sanskrit language: Pancha (five) and Karma (action/s). Hence, Panchakarma is the process of five actions to remove toxins accumulated in the human body over time, usually due to poor food choices, unhealthy lifestyle, polluted environment, diseases, etc.

How Panchkarma Helps

Panchkarma is not just treatment is a complete procedure involving multiple phases of healing and rejuvenation. The complete treatment helps an individual restore their health, improve immunity and enhance natural healing capacity.

Panchkarma can bring outstanding results if it is practised along with yoga and meditation. It helps one to release all the stress, resulting in body tissues that can reap all the benefits of a workout and nutrition. If you feel you are in need, you may simply go online and search for Panchakarma treatment near me to choose the best practitioners or treatment centre.

How Long Does Panchakarma Treatment Take?

Panchakarma treatment is a complete procedure incorporating three major steps. It is typically designed for a specific individual according to their needs after a comprehensive pulse diagnosis and physical assessment. The treatment can take at least seven days and may last for twenty-one days or more (in some cases).

Let’s read about the three steps involved in Panchakarma – the deep healing process that takes a few weeks to complete.

Three Steps of Panchakarma Treatment

Poorva Karma (Pre-Action) – The First Step

The first step of Panchakarma treatment begins with Poova Karma, in which the practitioners prepare the patient’s body for the main step. This step further involves three procedures as mentioned below.

Pachan Karma

It includes fasting and the usage of herbs to help the patient digest ghee (clarified butter) so that it can liquefy the toxins, especially those that are fat-soluble.

Snehan Karma

With increasing doses of medicated ghee, this process ensures to liquefy of the fat-soluble toxins in the deep tissues.

Swedan Karma

It includes a full body steam bath to open the body channels and liquefy the toxins using heat. It encourages fat-soluble toxins to move to the digestive tract.

Pradhan Karma (Main Action or Treatment) – The Second Step

The second or the main step to thoroughly cleanse the body are as follows.


It can be related to ‘therapeutic emesis’, under which the patient is given a drink made of Acorus calamus root, or decoction of liquorice, or sugarcane juice along and induced emesis. After this, the patient pulls out most toxins by vomiting.


Therapeutic purgation or Virechan helps completely cleanse the gastrointestinal tract and removes toxins accumulated in the small intestine, gallbladder, and liver.


Enema or Basti is known as the most effective treatment for all problems related to your gut and digestion. In this process, medicated decoction, oil, or ghee is sent to the colon via the rectum. As a result, it cleanses toxins and nourishes the colon membrane, effectively controlling Vata diseases. 


Nasya process includes treatment for doshas accumulated in the face, head, and neck area. This process helps remove sinus, improve eyesight, treat nasal allergies, neck stiffness, and headache, and promotes healthy hair growth.


Raktamokshan (Therapeutic phlebotomy or bloodletting) is practised in different ways. However, the most common technique used in Panchakarma is bloodletting using Leeches. Leeches suck out the blood carrying impurities. It is incredibly effective in increasing blood circulation and clearing blood clots.

3. Paschaat Karma (Post-Action or -Care) – The Third Step

The third and final step in the Panchkarma treatment is the post-therapy regime. It is required to restore the body’s digestive and absorptive capabilities to normal via rejuvenating treatments, diet management, herbal supplements, and lifestyle management. The procedure includes the following.

Sansarjan Karma 

The post-detoxification dietary therapy aims to slowly increase the patient’s diet, transitioning gradually from liquids to semi-solids and then to a standard diet.

Rasayan Adi Prayogam 

It helps enhance the patient’s natural immunity and well-being.

Shaman Chikitsa

It is a pacification therapy carried out using herbs and helping the patient understand and adopt a healthy lifestyle.

Benefits of Panchakarma

Apart from its deep healing benefits, the biggest benefit is relieving stress. Using a series of healing and rejuvenating methods from Ayurveda, the Panchakarma treatment especially emphasises helping the patient get rid of stress and improve their sleep cycle. 

The standard panchakarma treatment will include multiple therapies such as massage, relaxation and meditation, which help restore and sync with the natural sleep cycle. Besides that, other common benefits of Panchkarma treatment are mentioned below. Let’s take a look.

Complete detoxification of the body

Enhances strength of the digestive juices

Slows down the ageing process

Balances the mind, body, and soul

Heals digestive system

Enhanced immunity

Decreases stress

Helps prevent the signs of ageing

Improves skin lustre

Helps to lose weight (when it is a problem)

Deep relaxation

Enhances mindfulness

Improves overall health

Who Needs Panchakarma?

In general, anyone who wants to rejuvenate, go for deep cleansing of the inner body, and want to synchronise their body, mind, and soul can benefit from the Panchakarma procedure. However, the treatment can do wonders for people with signs like;

Feeling tired best of the time (especially after meals)

Body aches and pains

Unfocused mind

A thick layer or coat on the tongue

Uncontrollable cravings



Bad breath or body odour

The core motive of the Panchakarma treatment is purification. If a disease is treated with Panchakarma, it might not recur. If you are looking to get the Panchakarma treatment, it is recommended to choose a reliable Panchakarma centre in Noida like Aeki. Our specialised ayurvedic practitioners have immense knowledge and vast experience in treating ailments or illnesses naturally. We take cares of your minds and body, heart and soul; we care for you. To learn more about us and treatment methods, call 9667796065 today.