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Body Detoxification and Stress

Chronic Lung disease (Asthma, Smoker’s Lungs)


Why opt for holistic healthcare?

The curative approach of external aid can only help with the internal state of being at its optimum.

Make healthy-living a conscious choice

Chronic diseases have a root cause in our lifestyle. With a holistic approach you can improve your overall quality of life by focusing on the details, honour mind-body connection, and live a wholesome healthy life.


Takes everything into account

From how much you sleep, what you eat, and how you react to things emotionally: everything has room to become healthier. Take into account the complete ecology by providing for your physical, mental, spiritual, and social needs. Holistic and somatic approaches to well-being yield long term solutions and better overall health.


Shift from symptom-oriented to biophysical approach

Our conventional medical system uses prescription drugs to reduce or counter symptoms. Whereas a holistic, preventative approach focuses on the root cause of symptoms, not just tackling its visible symptom.