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We live in a fast-paced, web centric, information symmetric environment. The access to information at the tip of our fingertips suggests that we have the ability to make informed decisions about our lives. Unfortunately, our decisions are indirectly governed by market incentives and cycles of the algorithm. For any business to succeed, the sales of its product tend to come first, often neglecting what the user needs.

The growth of big pharmas  and conventional allopathic treatments have approached healthcare through a symptom-first perspective. While this is pertinent for mitigation of any illness, it has led to a behavioural change, where we seek instant gratification for everything in our lives including our illnesses. For example, every time we pop a pill as a quick fix without allowing the body to recuperate on its own, we often miss the prolonged effects chemical drugs  have on our bodies over time.

The solution:

Every great doctor has a great story behind

To adopt a biophysical , holistic, and personalised  approach to health living  The diversity of the landscapes and lifestyles we inhabit condition us to develop unique habits, practices, and choices.  Keeping in mind this variation, we ought to recognise that it is rare to develop a one-size-fits-all remedy for every disease or ailment. We react to medication differently, and the onset of a disease affects our mental well-being, work, and relationships differently. Most diseases result through a combination of genetic, metabolic, hormonal and social pre-dispositions.  Our aim is to give you better health and consequently a better life through healthcare that works. For you.

Our Method:

Over 3 specialities and 15 years of serving experience

To bridge the gap through empirical data. That is the birth of Aeki. An effort to disregard nothing and utilise everything, especially big data. The experience and expertise of our medical professionals makes this possible.  This is where data has a vital role to play. It helps address the limitations of current medical science, increase the efficacy of our treatments, recognise patient individuality, provide real-time feedback loops and ensure medication adherence. It helps us move away from an individual doctor bias to a collective approach, where the patient has the ability to monitor, scrutinise and make informed health decisions

Pranjal Bhatt

Come, immerse yourself in the Aeki life

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An experience, not just a clinic

We are reshaping the conventional clinical experience. At Aeki, our physical space is designed to provide a sensory relief that re-centers and rejuvenates you every time you walk-in. Diagnosis and consultation with doctors is just the beginning. The goal is to walk by your side every step of the way in your journey of holistic healthcare.

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Integrate allopathy and alternative medicine

We are the first and only clinic to bring allopathy, ayurveda and naturopathy under one roof. Our programmes are designed to integrate the different schools of medicine to give you the treatment that works for you.

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In your existing ecosystem

Alternative medicine clinics are most often situated outside of cities. But with Aeki, we are bringing it to you in your ecosystem. Our integrated approach aims to help you build a lifestyle that is cognizant of your normal life schedule and constraints.

Chief medic:Dr. gunjan kapoor

The formation that helped me become what I’m today

My more than two decades of experience as an Interventional Cardiologist sensitized me to the pros and cons of our modern Allopathic medicine. While it is a great form of therapy for acute care and dealing with medical emergencies, for chronic ailments we lag behind somewhere. More and more there is a realization in the medical fraternity that the majority of the diseases are primarily lifestyle disorders be it diabetes, hypertension, or heart diseases. And to provide lasting cure and healing it is important to address the issue holistically. Another insight into medical illness is that for far too long the allopathic system of medicine has been focusing on the physical aspect of health with almost total disregard of the role of mental and emotional health in shaping up our physical body.
This Aeki Wellness program  integrates health services very scientifically at both levels.  First,to utilize the best practices in Allopathy, Naturopathy, Ayurveda, to treat and reverse various ailments. Second, there shall be a strong emphasis on integrating the mind-body therapies to get long lasting and fulfilling results. A team of experts of various forms of therapies will take you through the entire program.

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MBBS-King Georges Medical

DM Cardiology-SGPGIMS

Director Cardiology-Jaypee Hospital

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